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Symposium topics will be covered:

Bioseparation, affinity based separation, molecular imprinted polymers in separation science, monoliths, protein chromatography, immuno-separation, chiral separation, proteomics, hyphenated techniques, electrodriven techniques, natural products, pharmaceuticals, advanced methodologies and instrumentation, bioanalysis, biosensors, fundamentals (theories, retention models, chemometrics), sample preparation, validation, quality by design and data processing

Important dates (Deadlines):

Registration: 10.09.2017

Abstract submission: 01.09.2017

Symposium start: 20.09.2017

The template for the abstracts can be found in the following link:

Conference Venue:

Conference will be held in the city center of Corum


The guesthouse of Hitit University ( ) was built and opened in 2016. It is located very close to city center and the same building with the conference center. The guesthouse included 12 standard rooms with 2 single beds, 2 suit rooms and 1 room for the disabled people.

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